Awning Fitting Service

Size: Awning up to 3m
Sale price£175.00


DC provides a comprehensive awning installation service through our skilled team of professionals.

Our experienced team has adeptly installed numerous awnings on a variety of customer vehicles.

We adhere to a non-invasive approach when it comes to van fittings, and we only consider drilling if the manufacturer explicitly recommends it for a particular adapter and vehicle.

Once you've made your purchase, we will coordinate a fitting appointment with you. However, if you have a specific date in mind, please reach out to us in advance to ensure we can accommodate your needs.

For awnings exceeding 3 meters in length, a two-person installation team is necessary.

Please be sure to select the appropriate awning size option to align with your requirements.

Terms & conditions:

  • Awnings must be new and boxed, purchased from DC Leisure Group to ensure that all parts are present and the item is not faulty.
  • Customer must contact DC Leisure to schedule a fitting date before purchasing to ensure we can meet your requirements.

From time to time we have special offers on awnings.

Please check before purchasing this service.

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