Bullfinch External Shower Point

BullfinchSKU: 6088

Colour: White
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The Bullfinch external shower point is an ideal addition to any camper/motorhome that requires water externally for washing down pets, bikes, and paddleboards.
Can be mounted inside the van on a cupboard or externally on the van. 
Available in 3 colours - white, black & grey


  • Individually packed with fixing screws.
  • Ideal for showers, washing pets, and other articles.
  • Comes complete with a showerhead and hose assembly.
  • It uses existing hot and cold water supply.
  • Inserting the shower assembly locks it in place and turns on the water.
  • Temperature adjustment can be made by simply turning the lever.
  • Easy to fit - requires 60mm cutter
  • high flow rate
  • Nett weight with showerhead assembly - 740g
  • You can also lengthen the hose using a 1/2in BSP Nipple eg BES Brass Nipple part 6576
  • Hose length: 145 cm
  • Outer Case: 10 x10 cm
  • To fit a 6 cm hole



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