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In addition to being extremely portable and easy to use, this updated model of the Campingaz Camp Bistro 3 stove has many additional safety features.

Conforming to the latest European Safety Standards for all flat bed stoves, safety features include two gas safety mechanisms within the stove.  One allows the gas cartridge to be ejected when not in use and the other automatically cuts the gas flow should the gas compartment become overheated.

The pan support is fixed in place ensuring it cannot be removed and incorrectly repositioned, and is elevated and designed to prevent a larger pan from protruding over the gas cartridge compartment, which prevents heat from being reflected downwards towards the cartridge which could cause it to overheat.

The Piezo ignition allows safe, match-free lighting and the vented cartridge compartment cover is designed to fall shut, preventing it from remaining open whilst the stove is in operation. A fixed panel on the bottom of the stove prevents a cartridge being stored underneath and being accidentally left there when lighting the stove. The stove has raised feet which lift it away from the surface it is sitting on, allowing additional ventilation.

The stove comes in its own hard carry case manufactured from recycled plastic for easy storage and transport.



  • Powerful 2,200W burner for a quick boil time (5 minutes 30 seconds)
  • Pan support designed to prevent the use of larger pans from overheating the gas compartment
  • Cartridge locking system will cut gas flow as well as eject cartridge when not in use
  • Fully adjustable power with integrated Piezo ignition
  • Hard, 100% recycled plastic carry case for safe storage
  • Fully tested and compatible with Campingaz CP250 gas cartridges



  • Dimensions: 34cm (L) x 28cm (W) x 13cm (H)
  • Fuel Source: CP250
  • Gas Consumption Total: 160 g/h
  • Ignition Type: Piezo
  • Maximum Pan Size allowed: 26 cm
  • No of burners: 1
  • Power: 2200W
  • Runtime: 1 h 20 min
  • Surface Material: Enamelled Steel
  • Weight: 1.6 kg

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