CAN"Hoodiny" 3 Burner Triangle Hob Unit - Left Hand Triangle


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The CAN "Hoodiny" 3 Burner Left Hand Triangle Hob Unit 

This Quality triple hob is lovingly designed and produced by CAN. It has a built-in gas hob unit with 12V ignition, featuring three gas burners and a pan support grid fixed with anti-vibration grommets.

CAN’s Hoodiny Triple Burner Hob unit provides certain advantages when applied to the modern camping environment. Equip yourself with all the cooking gear you need, packed inside one convenient product! Even more hassle-free; the triangular shape makes integration within your kitchen surfaces super easy.

Cooking in your camper or caravan is now super convenient thanks to CAN’s integration of 12 V ignition. Much like the standard hob in your home kitchen, this unit requires an electrical connection, to produce a flame at the hob. This Hoodiny 12 V model uses electricity to produce a spark, which ignites the gas released from the burner rings.

Key Features: 
  • 12v ignition 
  • 1 kW and 1.9 kW burners 
  • Stainless Steel
  • Three gas burners 
  • Pan support grid 
  • Black tempered glass lid
  • Soft-close hinges
  • LPG 28-30 mbar power supply 
  • Thermocouple safety device 
  • Supplied with fitting kit
Product Specification:
  •  Model: FC1343 left-hand triangle
  •  Power: 1 x Auxiliary burner 1 kW, 2 x Semi Rapid burners 1.9 kW
  •  Power supply: LPG 28-30 mbar
  •  Consumption: Auxiliary burner 73g/h, Semi Rapid burners 127g/h
  •  Safety device: Thermocouple
  •  Ignition: 12V
  •  Net weight: 5.5kg
  •  Plate: CE/AGA
  •  Warranty: 2 years
Product Dimensions
  • H 150 x W 480 x D 480mm 
  • Built-in/Cut out size: W470MM x D 470mm 

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