Comet Arona Folding Mixer Tap

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Introducing the Comet Arona Mixer Tap, a sleek and versatile addition to any kitchen or utility space. Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, this mixer tap offers convenience and style in equal measure.

At a width of 100mm, depth of 55mm, and height of 130mm (40mm when the outlet is folded in), the Comet Arona Mixer Tap boasts a compact and space-saving design without compromising on performance. Its compact dimensions make it suitable for a variety of sink configurations, fitting seamlessly into modern kitchen setups.

Compatible for use with the Can FL14** series hob/sink combi units - Click here for more details >>>


  • Outlet is turnable 360 degrees / and foldable 
  • With Micro-switch 


  • Width 300mm
  • Depth 55mm
  • Height 130mm, 40mm (Outlet fold-in)
  • Connection - Hosetail 8/10mm, 45 degrees
  • Mounting hole 27 mm
  • Outlet length 100 or 160 mm 


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