Drive Away Awning Kit - Kador / Figure 8 - 6mm Magnetic

Via MondoSKU: QQ109508D

Sale price£23.95


The Via Mondo Magnetic Drive-Away kit is a secure way to quickly and easily attach your drive away awning to the flat, metal roof of your van.

The magnetic kit is suitable for all vehicles with a metal roof, the roof needs to be free from obstructions such as roof racks. 

Kit comes with :

  • 3 x 80cm Via Mondo figure of eight moldings
  • 240cm of 6mm Kador with sleeves filled with magnetic strips
  • 400cm Spare Awning Cord

Product Features:

  • Flexible Magnet in PVC Casing
  • Suitable for many vehicles (flat metal roof)
  • Easy to remove to detach awning from vehicle
  • 2.7m Coverage

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