Fiamma Aluminum Table Leg Kit - Recessed


Style: Fiamma Aluminum Table Leg Kit - Recessed
Sale price£85.95


Easily install this Fiamma leg system to your campervan furniture or anywhere in your vehicle. Use inside for enjoying meals or attach the additional Tripod base for outside use (optional). The system is recessed which requires cutting the floor to size and drilling to slot in the base (flat on the floor).

The Fiamma plastic floor cap protects the open slot and for easy storage, the Adapter Tube Pro (optional) holds the table leg to the wall using Velcro when not in use. 

4-piece kit consists of:

  • Fiamma Tube Pro Aluminium 70cm Table Leg  SKU: 06375A01-

  • Fiamma Recessed Aluminium Table Leg Connection SKUC0331-01-

  • Fiamma Conic Connection Table Leg Base Holder - underneath base for table top  SKU: C5063-01-

  • Fiamma Recessed Table Leg Base Grey Cap Cover SKU: 02411-01B

  • Fitting Screws Included 


       Optional Extras that can be purchased but not in the table kit:

      • Fiamma Tripod Pro Table Base 

      • Reinforced and more stable tripod to carry the table outside. It's standard delivered with an anti-closing device. Made of UV-resistant plastic material. SKU: 06362-01-

      • Adaptor for Tube Pro 70 

        Optional Adapter for Tube Pro for wall installation. SKU: 98655-605


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