Fiamma F45s 3m Awning VW T5/T6 with Multivan C-Rail Adapter Kit


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A Fiamma F45s awning that is suitable for wall installation on the left side of Volkswagen T5 and T6 LWB Multivan and Transporters where the vehicle has the factory-fitted VW Multirail (C Rail).

Designed specifically for right-hand drive vehicles (UK), this F45s awning features a grey fabric in a black aluminium casing, with a visible winch loop for ease of use*. A roller support system facilitates the rolling up of the fabric and reinforced arms keep the fabric tensioned when open.

This F45s awning benefits from a Dual Shock Absorber that helps absorb movement caused by heavy stress such as bad weather.

A double guide in the awning’s front lead bar allows for the installation of two optional front panels and an LED duct allows for optional LED kits to be integrated.

Two dedicated installation brackets are supplied as standard with this Fiamma awning – no drilling of the vehicle is required.

For motorised operation of this awning, a 12V Fiamma motor kit can be installed.  Click Here for more details >>>


  • Case finish: Deep Black
  • Fabric colour: Royal Grey
  • Awning Length (A): 308cm (3m - LWB)
  • Fabric length (B): 292cm
  • Extension Length (C): 250cm
  • Shade Surface: 5.8m²

*See image for above A, B and C measurements


  • Presto Fix system guarantees perfect closure of the lead bar
  • Shock absorbing bracket protects the awning and the vehicle during bad weather
  • Reinforced arms keep the fabric tensioned
  • LED cable ducts allow for optional LED light kits to be added
  • The lead bar’s double guide allows the installation of two front panels
  • A Secure Lock adjusts the height of the lead bar

Warranty: 2 years

Installation service also available - click here for more details >>>

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