Indel B Plein-Aircon 12v Air Conditioning Unit - Campervan Motorhome

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Introducing the Indel B Plein-Aircon 12V mobile Air Conditioner revolution.
The Plein Air-con is the FIRST 12v Air Conditioner for campervans and semi-integrated motor homes that is powered by the backup battery alone, without installing inverters or generators.

A unique 12V roof Air Conditioner designed for use in campervans, motorhomes, and van conversions up to 6 meters. This Plein-Aircon unit kicks out an impressive 1200W of output and is recommended to use with a minimum of 150AH leisure battery. It cools and dehumidifies campervans and motor homes without needing to connect to 220v energy sources for backup generators. 

The design is for roof installation, positioned above the sleeping area to improve comfort while you stop and rest at night, or to maintain the ideal temperature while you are driving, ensuring optimal cool air distribution. 

Key Features

  • Cooling and dehumidifying
  • Ventilation mode
  • For campervans, motorhomes and van conversions up to 6 meters
  • Optional 220V Smart Switch can be fitted for use with mains power
  • Eco Sustainable System - No generator needed

Product Specifications

  • Voltage [Filter] 12V DC
  • Brand Indel B
  • Voltage 12V DC
  • Height 246mm
  • Width 720mm
  • Depth 800mm
  • Thickness Roof: 30 - 70mm
  • Weight 25.3kg
  • Cut Out 400 x 400mm
  • Wattage 1200w
  • Application Motorhomes, Campervans and Van Conversions
  • Consumption Cooling 16 amp/h (auto) / 42 amp/h (max)


Indel B Plein-Aircon 220V Smart Switch to switch to main supply on a campsite


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