Maxview Roam X Motorhome & Caravan Mobile 4G WIFI System -5G Ready Antenna

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 The Maxview Roam X Motorhome & Caravan Mobile WIFI System - designed to provide uncompromised internet conectivity even in remote and rural locations.

The premium version of the Roam WiFi system; uses a router and an externally mounted antenna to take 3G and 4G and turn it into a WiFi hotspot for your motorhome or caravan.

The Roam X is designed to be even faster and even more powerful than our very popular Maxview Roam. The Maxview Roam X WiFi system contains everything you need to provide super-fast internet for all the family. Ideal for heavy users of the internet, the Roam X is designed specifically for vehicles such as caravans and motorhomes.

Why Should I buy the Maxview Roam Motorhome & Caravan WiFi System?

  • Plug and play complete solution for fast and reliable connection in your vehicle
  • In-house built phone application for extra features such as data tracking
  • 5G-ready external antenna, future-proofed
  • Designed specifically for vehicle use. - Excellent technical support 5 days a week
  • 55 years designing and manufacturing connectivity products for motorhomes and caravans

How Does it Work?

The Roam X uses a superfast 4G router to create a WiFi hotspot in your vehicle. The 5G ready antenna significantly improves the reception of the signal and is omnidirectional, so it will perform wherever you are and without adjustment. Simply fit and forget. The Roam X kit will also connect to existing WiFi connections (such as your home) and repeat the signal.

What are the Main Technical Details I Need to Know? 

  • The Roam X router provides super high performance
  • The antenna is compatible with all 5G frequency bands to ensure customers are future-proofed when the 5G coverage becomes more widely available.
  • The router provides 2 SIM slots
  • 4 ethernet ports allowing additional wired devices
  • Download speeds of up to 300mbps
  • CAT 6 LTE chip - SU MIMO technology, for high speeds across multiple devices

Will it Work in Europe?

Yes, it will work in Europe. The Roam works across the UK and Europe but this is dependent on data provider and contract.

What are the Contents of the Roam X Motorhome WiFi kit?

  • Omni-directional Roof Mount Antenna and Fixings
  • Cable with SMA connectors
  • 12v 4G Router - Mounting Bracket and Fixings
  • 12V Cigarette Power Supply
  • Ethernet Cable

What about 5G Connectivity?

The Roam antenna is 5G ready and compatible with all 5G frequency bands as standard so it’s ready when this new technology arrives.

Available in 2 colours: White or Grey

Options: An extra long 1.8m  cable is available if required.

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