Quest Screen House 4 Side Wall Blinds

QuestSKU: 120054G

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This is a pair of sidewalls for the excellent Screen House 4. These sidewalls are made from the same Quest Tec 210 fabric as the screen house and colour coded to match the screen house. The sidewalls give you extra privacy, and extra cover from the weather and give you added protection from the sun. There are two sidewalls in this pack allowing you to cover two of the sides of the screen house.

The sidewalls are attached in seconds. They simply clip into each corner and then there are velcro attachment points along the tops and sides of the sidewall. There is an extra protection roof gutter that runs along the top of the screen house (on models from late 2015) that comes over the top of the sidewall and velcro’s down giving extra weather protection as the water is pushed over the top of the panel. This also provides extra strength as the panel is attached via the velcro to both the side of the screen house itself and the weather guttering.


Gives extra privacy
Extra sun shade and protection
Extra weather cover
Colour-coded to Screen House 4
Fits in seconds
Still allows the use of a storm strap
Corner clips
Velcro attachment points


ItemCode: 120054G
Number of panels: 2
Canvas: Quest Tec 210
Colour: Grey
UV Rating: 50+

HH: 2000 mm.
Size of panel: 205 x 165 cm.
Packed Size (pair): 45 X 25 x 8 cm.
Packed weight (pair): 0.95 kg.

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