Reimo Water Container - 13 Litre

ReimoSKU: 60011/60017/60016/600150

Sale price£29.95


The Reimo 13 litre water container with dust cap screw-on lid fits neatly in a campervan or motorhome cupboard. This is the water container that we personally use in all of our DC conversions.

Comes with:

  • 13 litre water container (60011)
  • Dust cap for wide neck water canister (60017); with hole for water hose and electric supply for the submersible pump. To be screwed with locking ring (60016) onto canisters with opening Ø DIN 96.
  • Locking ring, screw-on to insert the dust cap 60017(60016)
  • Closure lid, screw cap (600150)

    Key features

    • Durable and made from food-safe High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
    • Portable carry handle, ideal for travelling and camping trips 
    • Leak-proof screw cap.


    • 13 Litre : H350 x D280 x W170mm
    • Dimensions (including cap): H 36cm, W 17cm, D 28cm
    • HDPE Material 
    • Screw cap 

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