RidgeMonkey CoolaBox Compact 50

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The CoolaBox Compact 50 is perfect for keeping your food essentials cold whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

Whether you use the CoolaBox for picnics, camping, fishing trips or for travelling long distances, it’s double insulated walls will keep your drinks, snacks, and bait cool for up to 120 hours*. Alternatively, the box can used to keep food warm, such as takeaways, during short journeys.

The lid is airtight and is secured with large metal clasps with the option to padlock shut if necessary. The CoolaBox Compact 50 can hold 60 x 330ml bottles or 90 x 330ml cans.

Designed with a flat lid that doubles as a handy table and two side handles for easy lifting, the CoolaBox Compact 50 also features a convenient drainage hole at the base for easy cleaning and disposal of melted ice.

And the best part? It comes complete with two CoolaBox Freeze Packs** for that extra chill factor. Ready for your next adventure?

Product Features

  • Stays ice cold for up to 72 hours
  • Stays cool for up to 120 hours
  • Hard shell and robust design protects contents
  • 50L internal capacity
  • Wipe clean inner and outer
  • Holds 60 x 330ml bottles, or 90 x 330ml cans
  • Insulated, double walled design
  • Two sturdy carry handles either side
  • Supplied with CoolaBox Freeze Pack (x 2 included)
  • Secure hinged locking clips
  • Padlock tab for extra security

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 50L
  • Internal Dimensions: 535mm(w) x 305mm(h) x 300mm(d)
  • External Dimensions: 600mm(w) x 400mm(h) x 400mm(d)
  • Weight: 6.20kg

* tested at room temperature and opened minimally.

** all freeze packs are compatible and interchangeable with the CoolaBox Compact 12 and 25


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