Thule Omnistor 9200 Roof Mounted Awning - White

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Case Colour: White
Size: 4.00
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The Thule Omnistor 9200 is the biggest awning on the market with a maximum length of 6m by 3m projection.
  • Perfectly integrates with any vehicle design and is especially suited to large vehicles, with a design that is more aerodynamic combined with an anti-rattling device.
  • The motor is retrofitted, it can be installed later. The 220VAC motor with remote control allows the opening of the awning without any effort.
  • Space has been created for Thule LED lighting, so the vehicle can have a light on the outside even when the awning is closed
  • By setting the angle as you please, the awning can be opened and closed even when the sliding door of your van is open
  • Sturdy spring arms ensure the awning fabric is perfectly tensioned. The spring arm, reinforced with a double steel cable, automatically deploys the tension rafter, to reinforce the awning's stability and resistance.

Supplied without adaptors - see Thule Adapter collections for available products


  • Roof-mounted awning suitable for caravans and motorhomes (A-class)
  • Compatible with existing adapter brackets (need to be ordered separately)
  • Installation using the rooftop adapter (adhesive) or by means of transverse profiles
  • Drilling through the roof is not necessary
  • Caravan rail remains free for other accessories: tent
  • Largest projection on the market with superior fabric tension
  • Top-of-the-range stability for longer lengths
  • Patented roller tube support for better fabric tension and reduced wrinkling of the fabric
  • Improved masking and finish of the technical parts
  • Integrated anti-rattling solutions Increased reliability: built-in durable systems for long-life performance
  • Thule design: contemporary look, perfect integration on RV’s
  • Spring arms: - reinforced with a double steel cable - the automatically deployed tension rafters absorb movement to ensure stability and wind-resistance
  • Optional 230 VAC EM motor with remote control: - operate the awning without any effort - electronic system ensures a perfect closing of the front profile - mechanical settings prevent the awning fabric from being rolled up in the wrong way - locking system: prevents the awning from opening while the vehicle is moving, works automatically when closing the awning - a safety device enables you to operate the awning manually in case of electricity failure - can be retrofit installed as an accessory on a manual Thule Omnistor 9200 awning (+ 2 kg) - possibility to operate with optional wall switch
  • Thule Quick-Lock: user-friendly system to help you set up and adjust the support legs to the right heights
  • Quick Release system
  • Quick Lock system
  • Rapid gear cassette for fast and efficient opening and closing
  • Monoblock and tension spring arms (telescopic tension arms)


  • Installation:  Roof mounting
  • Length 4.00 m - 6.00 m
  • Max projection: 3.00m
  • Available Cassette colours:
    • White
    • Anodised
    • Cream: only with fabric 31 - Mystic Grey
  • Fabrics Available (please see other listings):
    • 31 - Mystic Grey
    • 32 - Sapphire Blue
    • 22 - Uni White
  • Weight:
    • 42.4 kg - 57.6 kg (without motor)
    • 45.4 kg - 60.6 kg (with motor)


Improved stability of the complete awning thanks to the integration of automatic tension rafters in both spring arms

The tension rafters can easily be locked when maximal tension is reached by turning both buttons in the lead rail at 90°

The perfect tension is achieved by retracting the fabric with the remote control or hand crank

The new, more powerful motor improves this fabric tension, even more, when customers want to combine additional Thule accessories

Thule Accessories

Ready for accessories: e.g. Thule LED Mounting Rail - Thule Awning Fixation Kit TO 6300/200/9200


  • Thule Panorama compatible
  • Thule QuickFit compatible
  • Thule EasyLink compatible

  • Thule 2022 Information


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