Thule View Blocker G2 Side Panel

ThuleSKU: 310202

Awning Projection: 2m Projection
Awning Mounting Height: Small (2.05-2.24m)
Sale price£209.95


Side privacy panel for Thule Omnistor awnings to create complete privacy while being protected from rain, wind and sun.

The side panel is available in different sizes depending on the mounting height of the awning between 2.05m and 2.64m, and Projection of 2.00m or 2.50m.

Panels can be used with the 4200/4900/5003/5200/6200 and 6300 Thule Omnistor Awning, with a specific version available for the 1200 Awning.

The panels are made of high quality non-transparent PVC fabric.

Easy to install, the side panel slides into an aluminium rafter with channel installed between the awning's cassette and lead rail.  It is attached to the awning support leg with smart connections.  

The side panel can be installed on either side of the awning with the same rafter.

Can be combined with other Thule Smart Panels or the Thule QuickFit tent.

Product Features 

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Made of high quality non-transparent PVC fabric
  • The panel easily slides into the aluminium rafter
  • Modular system - a combination of different smart panels is possible


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