Travellife Scala Universal Front Panel - Wind Out Awnings

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Size: 110cm
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Travellife Scala universal front panel universal - suitable for the Fiamma, Thule and Dometic wind out awnings

Expand your Thule, Fiamma or Dometic awning with the Scala front panel.

Available in different sizes, the front panel offers shelter from rain and wind.

In combination with the Scala side panels and front door, you can create additional shelter around your awning in no time.

Create the complete awning feeling

Do you already own the Scala side panel and would you like to create the feeling of a complete awning? Then the Scala front panel window width 1.10-1.44 m is the perfect choice. The cloth is made of double-coated polyester fabric and is therefore water and UV resistant. This front panel is suitable for Thule, Fiamma and Dometic awnings and is 1.10 m wide. Thanks to the different sizes, you can make your own combinations to create a sheltered awning. The black flaps on the side of the front panels combined with the buckles allow you to fully adjust the length to the dimensions of your awning. Combine the front panel with the Scala side panels and the front panel and door and create additional shelter around your awning in no time. The front panel also features a large window with included blind. You can easily install the blinds by means of magnets.

Main benefits

  • Suitable for e.g. Thule, Fiamma and Dometic awnings
  • Combine different sizes to create a sheltered awning
  • Easy to attach to the Scala side panels M, L and XL by means of snap buckles
  • Water and UV resistant due to double-coated polyester fabric
  • Includes storage bag, tensioners and pegs
  • With supplied window blind
  • Scala configurator: configure a set based on your awning

Easy assembly with snap buckles

You can easily install the front panel yourself. The front panel can be mounted on both the left and right front side. You slide the channel of the front panel into the rail at the front of the awning. Then the snap buckles ensure that your front panel stays firmly in place. You can pull it taut and secure it to the ground using the included pegs and tensioners. After your camping holiday, you simply store the front panel in the included storage bag. This keeps it in the best possible condition for your next vacation.

Combine the different sizes of front panels to create a sheltered awning. This creates the feeling of an awning. Thanks to the large window with blind, you get to enjoy both the outdoors and your privacy.

Suitable for:

Thule awnings:

  • Omnistore 4200 (from 3 m length)
  • Omnistore 5003 (from 3 m length)
  • Omnistore 5200 (from 3 m length)
  • Omnistore 6002 (from 3 m length)
  • Omnistore 6200 (from 3 m length)
  • Omnistore 6300 (from 3 m length)
  • Omnistore 6502 (from 3 m length)
  • Tristor ll
  • V10XL

Dometic awnings:

  • PW1100 (from 3 m length)
  • PW1500 (only for 3 m length)
  • PW1750
  • PR2000 (from 3 m length)

Fiamma awnings:

  • F45L
  • F45S (only for F45S: 375, 425 & 450)
  • F80S

Suitable for:

Fiamma Awnings:

  • F35pro
  • F45L
  • F45S
  • F80L
  • F80S

Thule Awnings:

  • 550
  • 4900
  • 5002
  • 5003
  • 5102
  • 5200
  • 5800
  • 6002
  • 6200
  • 6502
  • 6802
  • 6900
  • 8000
  • 9200
  • Tristor ll made after 2011
  • V10XL

Dometic Awnings:

  • PW1000
  • PW1100
  • PW1500
  • PW1750
  • PR2000
  • PR2500

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