Mestic MR-42 Compressor Fridge 12/24v

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NEW in the extensive range of Mestic Cooling Solutions - the built-in Mestic Refrigerator MR-42 compressor fridge!
A powerful built-in camping refrigerator with a freezer compartment. This fridge can cool and freeze at the same time. 

The MR-42 has a cooling range from -10 degrees to +8 degrees. Due to its large freezer compartment, this fridge can cool and freeze at the same time. The built-in fridge can even be installed in small spaces because of the movable bracket which supports the cooling system.  it allows you to mount the portable cooling system to a maximum of 1.5m from the fridge.  When the movable bracket is placed anywhere but on the back of the fridge, the device is only 38 cm deep.  With this, you can arrange the space where the built-in fridge is installed more efficiently.

Besides having four temperature settings the refrigerator also has an energy-saving mode and eco mode. You can control the temperature of the cooling and freezer compartments accurately on the display in the refrigerator door. 

Door can be mounted with the hinges on the left or right-hand side as desired. 

Product Features

  • Cooling from +7 °C to +1 °C and freezing to -14 °C
  • Separate freezer compartment (10 L)
  • Cooling system on a movable bracket
  • Removable door gasket
  • Door can be mounted to open to the left or right
  • 4 temperature settings via the display
Article number 1512700
Connection voltage 12-24 V
Dimensions L 52cm x W 38.6cm x H 53cm
Display Digital display
EAN-code 8712757479948
Weight 14.5 kg
Content / Capacity 42 Litres
Adjustable temperature range -14 °C to +7 °C
Cool box type Compressor
Heating function Yes



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