Reimo Multi Rail Awning Kit for VW Transporter


Size: SWB - RHD (Passenger Side Installation)
Sale price£289.00


Suitable for the Transporter T4/T5/T6/T6.1 - the Reimo Multi-Rail is a multi-purpose camper van awning rail that also provides a gutter for your van to disperse rainwater easily to stop you from getting wet when opening the van door

The Reimo Multi-Rail awning rail will also fit a canopy awning, including drive-away awnings to the vehicle gutter, using pole and clamps; or the Kador strip which is most commonly used for drive-away awnings.

Made from anodized aluminium, the Reimo Multirail is finished in a black finish to match any vehicle universally.

Short wheelbase: 2.6 metres
Long wheelbase: 3 metres

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Reimo Multi-Rail
  • 2 x Endcaps
  • Fitting screws
  • This kit does NOT include the sealant.

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