Seen the same product cheaper? We may be able to Price Match it!

If you find the identical product at a lower price elsewhere during a sale, you can inquire, "Are you able to match this price?"

We offer thousands of leisure products for your convenience and strive to enhance the ease of planning your upcoming outdoor escapades as part of our commitment and dedicated service.

For us to consider your request, we need the following information:

  1. Product information – product name, product code, size and colour (if relevant)
  2. Company name you have found to be cheaper and their live website.
  3. Realtime evidence of the cheaper price and the cost of delivery charge (if applicable)  – this must be a link to the company website for us to access to the particular product and option you require.  A screenshot will not be accepted, neither will pictures or images from social media.
  4. Your contact details: Name, Provide us with your name and a contact number.
  5. We aim to get back to you within 48 hours.
Terms & Conditions

Please read the below for us, DC Leisure to review matching or beating  the price.

The price matching offer must be agreed before the point of sale.

Evidence of the cheaper product cheaper (weblink must be provided) must be sent to

The product in question must be new and identical in make, size and colour as the cheaper product.

We can only accept the price match if the product is sold by a business located in the UK. We do not price match companies outside of mainland UK (excludes Ireland).

The price on must be checked before agreeing, should this be pricing error on our behalf.

The price match will also take into account the cost of delivery.

Promotional codes, coupon codes or gift cards are not included.

Product which are deemed to be out of stock with the competitor are exempt from price matching.  The item must be available to purchase immediately.

The product must be on sale to the general public from a retail/online outlet (trade pricing is exempt from pricing matching).

We can't offer a price match if the product is seen cheaper on online auction sites, such as eBay and market platform website, such as Amazon. It must be on a commercial website with eCommerce platform and payment gateway.

Exemptions from price match:

Any item sold privately.

Any item sold as a result of a company liquidation or placed in administration.

All price matching is controlled and carry out at the discretion of DC Leisure Group Ltd.

DC Leisure have the right to withdraw from price matching at any time.

DC Leisure are unable to price match where this results in a financial loss once totalling product and shipping costs.