Dinky Duvalay Duvet and Memory Foam Topper for Kids


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The award-winning Dinky Duvalay sleeping bag is designed especially for Kids with it's fun Animal Print cover

Combining optimum sleeping comfort with incredible ease of use, this clever product includes a duvet in the top pocket and a memory foam topper in the bottom pocket - complete with a handy, easily removable water resistant cover, which is great for any little mishaps!

Simply undo the buckled straps, unroll and your sleeping bag is ready to use on any sleeping area.

This innovative product can help prevent children falling out of bed and, because they can’t kick the duvet off, it keeps them warm and snug all night long. It can also be really helpful in bridging the gap between a cot and full-size bed, making this progression so much easier. The Dinky Duvalay simply moves from one to the other!

Sleeping away from home becomes a much less worrying procedure; just roll up at home and roll out on arrival. It’s their 'home away from home' bed; reassuring and comforting for any little one.

The Duvalay Sleeping Bag holds UK (1843682) European and American patents.

Product Features:

  • Duvet and topper combination
  • Transportable, improves any sleeping area
  • Includes easily removable water resistant cover
  • Available in a choice of foam options
  • Helps children feel secure and comfortable
  • Use at home and away
  • Includes matching pillow and pillow case
  • Recommended for children aged 2 - 8 years

Product Specifications:

  • Gold Memory Foam: 140cm x 66cm x 2.5cm, 3.6kg (approx.)
  • Duvet: 4.5 Tog
  • Pillow: 45cm x 30cm, 0.6kg (approx.)
  • Easy care polycotton cover and pillow case

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