Dometic Mini Heki Style Motorhome Roof Window - 400x400mm

DometicSKU: 9620008618

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400 x 400mm Roof window without forced ventilation, roof thickness 43-60 mm

This handle-operated, double acrylic glazed mini heki style roof light for motorhomes and caravans fits neatly into a standard 400 x 400 mm aperture. An inner frame holds a darkening blind and fly screen (separately adjustable) for shade, privacy and freedom from insects! Operated by a hand-lever, the dome can be opened to three different positions: fully open, half-open and bad-weather position.
Every vehicle instantly seems so much more inviting!

Despite their compact standard sizes, the Dometic Mini Heki Style provide the optimum amount of light. Both models feature a lightly tinted, aerodynamically formed glass dome. 

The Dometic Mini Heki Style even features double glazing, and can be opened in three different positions (incl. poor weather position). The single-glazed Dometic Mini Heki S can be opened to all sides using operating handles. 

The Dometic Mini Heki is equipped with a single-pleated darkening screen and flyscreen.


  • Handle operated
  • Three opening positions: Fully open, Half-open, Bad weather position
  • Highly insulating
  • Dome with double acrylic glazing
  • Double acrylic glazing
  • Special shaped glass dome is aerodynamic
  • Without forced ventilation

  • Dimensions product: D 520mm x W 535mm
  • Dimensions ordered W 400 x H 400mm
  • Dimensions product: D 520 mm x W 535 mm x d width 400 mm
  • Dimensions Opening: W 384 mm x H 364 mm
  • Cut out height 400.00 mm
  • Cut out width 400.00 mm
  • Standard mount. material thickness 1 min 60 mm
  • Possible material thickness 1 min 43 mm
  • Possible material thickness 1 max 59 mm
  • Net weight 3.30 kg

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